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This is Zoness???

I may have previously gushed on the SF64 Boss Medley page about how the Star Fox 64 soundtrack is one of my personal favorites, but incase I didn't, allow me to reassure you that it's fantastic. Zoness is among my favorites, and has been on my to do list for like, 3 years.

The last time I did a 'soft' song was back in 2011 with Stickerbush Symphony, and while it did fairly well (it was one of the most popular songs from that year, actually), I got some criticism for the sudden switch to upbeat metal in the middle. So this time I didn't do anything like that.

My aim for this song was for it to be one long crescendo into a massive grandiose ending. I used a bit of trickery for the first (what we'll call the) chorus with the piano taking over, leading back into the altered, slightly more active verse. The 2nd chorus is lead in by lead guitars and the 2nd chorus is fully orchestral with the assisting the lead part, but then wait, here comes yet another altered, even more active version of the verse with the drum kit and bass guitar, leading into the first appearance of rhythm guitar during the prechorus and into a large symphonic metal final chorus... or is it the final chorus? No! There's a key change to make things even MORE intense.

This was a super awesome song to do because I got to play around with several tools in my arsenal I don't use very often, and because, well, I like the song. Now go play Star Fox 64! (Or the 3ds version, but be forewarned the soundtrack didn't fare too well ported over to the 3ds).

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