Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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Zero Two is a cool little theme from Kirby 64 that I had been wanting to do for a while.

As Kirby fans most likely know, Kirby final bosses tend to make the fun, happy-go-lucky feel of Kirby games take a serious U-turn. Zero-Two is no exception to this rule, and this theme helps to show that. It's a very dark and gloomy tune.

One interesting aspect of the song is that the lead strings in the first section is mostly half notes (with a few whole notes thrown in), to the next section (the buildup all the way to the climax) being all quarter notes, then comes down from the climax with eighth notes that eventually turn into swing eighth notes. Neat stuff. I actually took this aspect a few steps further with the guitar solo in the same manner, going from longer notes to shorter notes.

This song got a lot of popularity on Newgrounds after it was featured in Xionic Madness 4: Part-2, a really badass flash movie that I suggest you go check out. That drove a lot of popularity to this remix, enough to get it an appearance in the Blast from the Past as song #14. Couldn't of asked for a better placement for this song.

Unless it was featured in some kind of big budget Kirby movie. Someday, someday...


Zero-Two (ft. Edobean)

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I was checking my Youtube inbox one day when I came across a message from a young lady named 'Edobean', saying she had put vocals to my Zero-Two remix. I checked out the video she had uploaded and thought it was pretty neat, so I asked if I could get the vocal tracks to mix with the original session so it would sound better.

So she sent me the vocal tracks and I cleaned the tracks up and mixed them in. I also remastered the whole song in general.

This is the end result and I must say it's pretty badass. I've been wanting to do vocals to a GaMetal song for a while, but haven't gotten around to it yet. So this was sort of my first test run to see what it'd be like.

Extra note: a lot of people were saying the vocals weren't loud enough in the video, so in the downloadable version here on the site, I turned the vocals up a bit, especially on the faster parts.


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