You Will Know Our Names
Xenoblade Chronicles

Download (MP3) [Remastered]

Download (MP3)

  With Shulks inclusion into the Smash roster, a lot of us discovered how awesome the Xenoblade Chronicles soundtrack is. I've been getting Xenoblade songs requested pretty much everytime I release a song, so I decided it was time. You Will Know Our Names is my personal favorite that I've heard (so far).

I'm thouroughly convinced that this song is in a really strange guitar tuning of drop D#, meaning it would be
D#-A#-D#-G#-C-F. The reason being, this tuning would make the fast rhythm part that comes in at around 00:20 WAY easier to play, and there are parts in the rhythm that go all the way down to the D#. I've never actually encountered this so I'm assuming its either an eastern thing or it was really played in Drop D then pitch shifted up a half step. I didn't feel like retuning a guitar to such an odd tuning that I'd likely never use again so I just played it on my D# Standard guitar (the Vendetta) just so I could hit all the notes properly. It makes playing that fast rhythm part I just mentioned kind of awkward to play though.

You can consider this more of a cover than a remix, as I didn't really change a whole lot from the original, which is already a beautifully constructed masterpiece (seriously, the composition of this song is amazing). That said, this version is really similar to the original with a few changes, most of which come later in the song. The major changes are the addition of the solo section at 2:07 and the small piano interlude at 3:19, and of course the outro. Beyond that any other changes are minor.

Learning this song was super fun, the guitar parts are awesome. Maybe I'll come back and do another Xenoblade song later. We'll see!

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