That Person's Name Is
Bravely Default

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A new combatant has entered the GaMetal arena. It's Bravely Default! To be fair, I don't know a whole lot about this game, except for the fact that the soundtrack is amazing.

I used a synth lead for the violin part, because fake violin sounds fake and I definitely can't play the violin.

This song for the most part isn't all too difficult, that is until you get to the part around 2:20. I know what notes are being played, but I have no idea how the guitar player played it. It sounds like it's being picked, maybe swept, but I could find no comfortable way to do it. If it is infact picked/sweeps, it's beyond my capabilities so I had to sort of cheat and tap it and have the keys pick up the slack. I feel bad. Maybe I'll figure it out someday.

Unfamiliar with the game? If you're a Final Fantasy fan, you'll most likely enjoy it. I'd recommend checking out the soundtrack sometime, it's awesome.

Maybe we'll do another BD song someday. Till next time!

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