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The GaMetal song that started it all. I won't get into too much history here since I'll be covering that in my Bio, so let's talk about what equipment I was using at this point in time.

My main guitar was my Jackson RR3, the same guitar I've been playing for somewhere around 10+ years. It is equipped with the EMG 81/85 pickup combo currently, however at this time I had an 81/81 combo. I'm honestly not sure when I switched to 81/85 but I think it was somewhere around early 2010.

The guitar ran through a Digitech GNX3 multi-effects processor. It is a decent multi-effects processor, but these days I would never use it. You can get a good sound of it, but I never could get a GREAT sound out of it, studio-wise.

The bass used was a cheap Ibanez Gio. I had bought this bass a couple years prior, as a 'just so I have a bass instead of a fake pitch-shifted down guitar' bass. The bass also ran through the GNX3 as a pre-amp.

The keyboard was and still is my trusty Korg Triton LE. In 2009, the keyboard was actually my main instrument, as I was playing keyboards in a few live bands at the time.

The drums were done on an el-cheapo Roland kit. I used the same kit all through 2009, changed it at the first part of 2010 and soon after upgraded to a Roland TD-6v module.

The program used to record these songs was Cool Edit Pro. That's right, Cool Edit Pro. It's actually a pretty solid recording program for amateurs. (Note: CEP is now Adobe Audition)

To give a short summary from the Bio section, I was at a friends house when he showed me a metal remix of the Tetris A theme on Youtube. I thought, and said, 'I could do better than that!', so I went home and attempted to do so, and thus, Tetris A, and GaMetal in general, were born. Whether or not I actually did do better than that is up in the air, but I feel like now-a-days, I certainly could do better than that.

This song holds a ton of historic value for GaMetal, so it was, of course, a shoe-in as the first song of the Blast from the Past medley. Die-hard GaMetal fans may have even noticed the intro of Blast is actually the same intro I created for this song.

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