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Tecmo World Wrestling

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This is the most unpopular GaMetal song, it wasn't terrible, it just suffered from the deadly combination of being a game hardly anyone has played, and being from the very early stages of GaMetal.

Tecmo World Wrestling is a wrestling game (duh) for the NES that I played a lot as a kid. I used to be a huge WWF fanatic (World Wrestling Federation, not World Wildlife Fund!). In middle school and early high school, I was always wearing wrestling shirts. I decided to grow my hair long cause all the wrestlers were doing it at the time. Chris Jericho was my idol, in the tier below him was Stone Cold Steve Austin and everyones favorite, The Rock. A lot of my old game characters in RPGs had 'Jericho' some where in their name. I started fading away from wrestling around the time when the attitude era was over and the entertainment era was beginning... so I don't know too much about these new guys like John Cena, but I can go on for days about the attitude era.

..so yeah, I used to love wrestling, and I really like the theme from this game. Also at this time, I was still coming up on the internet and hardly anyone knew who I was, so I could do whatever I want and no one would question it. I could've said 'ass chicken' in the middle of this song and no one would've noticed, even now. You probably aren't even reading this song description and I'm just talking to myself. Since you made it this far into the song description for Tecmo World Wrestling, I will tell you a secret: GaMetal is pronounced 'Gah' (like Lady Gaga) Metal.

This song suffered from the 'drum lag issue', but since no one is reading this song description anyways, I'll talk about that in a more popular song like Green Hill Zone.

If you like old school wrestling games, give Tecmo World Wrestling a try. It's kind of hard but it's actually pretty neat.

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