Stickerbush Symphony
Donky Knog Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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Now here's an interesting one.

Stickerbush Symphony was another hot song in the old Youtube suggestion box. Every time I saw it I would think to myself 'what the hell would I do with Stickerbrush Symphony, it's a soft song..' At that moment I realized a challenger had appeared, and it was Stickerbush Symphony.

SBS was the first truly 'soft' GaMetal song, although it is not entirely soft. It goes metal in the middle, then goes back down to being soft again towards the end.

The first third of the song features lots of soft pads, clean guitars, and fluent distorted lead guitars. The tone I used for the dist. lead I have modeled after Steve Vai. Although I play no where near as good as Steve Vai. I'm more like Steve Why.

When the drums kick in, which are electronic sounding, the song really gets into the trancey feel, then builds to the metal interlude in the middle.

The metal interlude was a hit or miss with some people. Some thought it disrupted the flow, others loved it. I guess it depends on what kind of person you are.

After the metal interlude we go back to the soft sound with a small clean guitar solo. The song ends with a quick metal blast out of no where cause I like to punch people in the face with metal every now and then.

So even though this song is a bit bi-polar, it was a huge success and still remains one of the most popular GaMetal songs, battling with SMW2 Bowser as one of the top songs from 2011. It's also the last song to appear in the Blast from the Past medley, as song #16.

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