Stage 9-8
Donkey Kong (Gameboy)

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Stage 9-8 is a song I get asked about often. It's not easy to find, but now here it is for you to eat up in all it's glory.

This song was done at request, I think it may have been for IronFury. Requests were still pretty slow at this time so fulfilling this one wasn't an issue. I hadn't heard the song before but when I heard it, I thought it was pretty awesome. It has one of the most entertaining guitar-sounding solos in a Gameboy song.

I tend to call this one the 'most popular underground GaMetal song'. It's not a popular song, but like I said earlier, I've been getting a lot of messages from people asking where they can find it. I didn't upload this song to Newgrounds, so it was only available on the old Youtube channel, and the old .com.

Why didn't I upload the song to Newgrounds? You know, I don't know. There are worse GaMetal songs. In fact this one is pretty good for a 2010 song. There's one thing that bothers me: the lead guitar at the very beginning (like the first 20 seconds) sounds bad to me for some reason. I should've gone back and fixed it but for some reason, apparently, I did not.

If you're a fan of the game and it's soundtrack, you may have noticed there is an interlude that appears here from another Donkey Kong (GB) tune, which is the song that plays on the level map for Stage 9.

Pretty good song here, would've been better to me if I fixed that guitar in the beginning. The game is really fun too, if you get bored and want an old GB game to play, grab this one from the DS shop (I think it's on there). [Note: Just been informed, it's the 3ds eshop.]

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