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The sequal (prequel?) to the Super Smash Bros Brawl Main Theme remix!

I'm a huge Smash Bros. fanatic, ever since the original Super Smash Bros. came out on N64 I've been hooked on it. Gannondorf was my main man in SSBM, such a shame he got demoted to being absolute crap in SSBB. I still use him as a side character in Brawl though.

Oh yeah, the remix. Brass gets featured a lot in this one, something I don't do all too often. Brass and Metal can be tricky to mix sometimes, but it came out really well here. I had heard some black metal stuff that had a French Horn section part and thought it sounded awesome, so I decided to give that a shot here in the beginning of this remix, came out just how I wanted it to.

Listening to it now, it maybe could've been a little better, but still a pretty solid piece.

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