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It's time to tackle the main theme from Nintendo's newest hit game, Splatoon!

So if you haven't played Splatoon yet, you've probably wondered what all the hype is about. It's actually a really fun game worthy of all the praise it's been getting for being a fresh take on the multiplayer shooter genre. And don't let it's colorful, happy exterior fool you: beneath it is a game full of rage. Especially when you start getting higher up in ranked battles and you're on a bad team.

It's also complimented by a perfectly fitting unique and wacky soundtrack that's sort of a blend of rock, techno, and chiptune, with a lot of synth vocodor melodies.

This remix is actually a blend of 3 Splatoon songs: Splattack! (the main theme), another battle song that I think is called Metalopod, and the One Minute Left! theme. I thought it'd be an awesome idea to use Metalopod as the background for the guitar solo, seeing as how it's the heaviest of the Splatoon songs and wanted to give it some love. And what better way to finish the last minute of the song than with the One Minute Left theme?

I got requests for this song and the Squid Sister's Theme the most, so next time I do a Splatoon song we'll get to that one. Till then, stay fresh!

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