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Silver Surfer

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    If you're a fan of old-school VG music, you are probably familiar with the Follin brothers, Tim and Geoff, and how awesome their music is. The main theme/level theme from the NES game Silver Surfer is one of the more popular ones, and is personlly my favorite Follin song in front of the Solstice Title Theme (which I also plan on doing some day).

When I did the NES Medley #2 song selection contest, I was really afraid someone was going to enter this song, and I'm really glad no one did because it deserves a full remix rather than a medley piece.

I pretty much had an open choice as to what song I could do next, so I messed around with a bunch of different tunes and ended up trying to learn this one. At first, I was going to just learn it and hold off on it till I got a better grasp of it, because it's not an easy song, but after a couple of days of messing with different songs, this one kept getting stuck in my head... so it had to be done.

I'll be breaking this song down by 4 parts, so you'll know what I'm talking about: the Intro, Part 1 (00:16), Part 2 (00:48), Part 3(00:54), and the Guitar/Keyboard Dual (1:00).

I actually didn't have a difficult time learning the intro and parts 1 and 2, but as soon as I got to part 3, things started getting difficult. The keyboard and guitar lines here are really tricky. There was nothing simple about the Guitar/Keyboard solo part either. It was a bit of a reminder that I don't practice the keys as much as I used to. After those parts I re-hit the intro line and go into a solo over Part 1, and then throw in an original bridge section.

The game may not have done well, but this song will live on as one of the best NES songs of all time. Hopefully this remix does it some justice!

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