Rusty Bucket Bay
Banjo Kazooie

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We're sticking around the N64 era just a little while longer to hit up a long awaited GaMetal first: Banjo Kazooie.

I've had an influx of Banjo Kazooie requests over the past couple of months, especially when I release a N64 song (Ocarina of Time), so I turned to the fans on Twitter and asked: Rusty Bucket Bay, or Intro Theme? Rusty Bucket got probably 66% of the vote, so Rusty Bucket it was!

I'll have to admit, I had a pretty hard time arranging this one. I was going back and forth between a slower, grooving pace, or a faster pace (which is ultimately what I went with). There was even a point where I had most of the hard stuff done and almost scrapped the whole thing to try the other option.

This song ended up being a bit short compared to recent songs, clocking in at a little over 3 minutes, but I couldn't really find a way to extend it without it sounding forced. I feel like there are enough different sections to keep things interesting and make it not seem so short.

Do you know what a Klaxon horn is? I sure as hell didn't till I was searching for a sample of one to use! I'm talking about the part with the different noises: An old factory-sounding horn (which makes me think of the Flintstones), a whistle, and the Klaxon horn (and at the very end of the song, a boat fog horn). I felt like those sounds were pretty iconic in this song so I had to have them in there. Anyways, when I first heard the Klaxon, all I could think of was 'Cartoony Horn', so I looked through a bunch of cartoon horns but couldn't find it. Eventually I just googled 'Awooga', since that's what it sounded like in the cartoons, and found out it was called a Klaxon horn. Apparently they're on submarines. The more you know!

You can use one word to greatly describe this song: Chromatic. The main line in this song is an 8 note chromatic scale, either ascending to descending or descending to ascending. It actually makes for a pretty fun warm-up exercise on guitar.

I changed a few things concerning the video. I filled the entire screen with the main guitar angle to get rid of those stupid side bars. I also experimented with a different keyboard angle, and finally managed to get a good overhead drum shot, despite accidently lighting it crappy. I'm currently saving up to buy a better camera, so sometime in the future we'll have some better quality video to watch. (Why not donate so we can get there a bit quicker? ;) )

This was one of my dice-roll songs cause I didn't know whether it would turn out good or not, but so far it's been given the thumbs up from everyone including the man Grant Kirkhope himself (thanks Grant!). Hope you like it!

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