Rainbow Road
Mario Kart Wii

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Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Wii) was the final GaMetal song for 2010, and also a Christmas special on Youtube. It was the 2nd song taken from the suggestion box, having the highest overall upvote count at that time.

Although I love Mario Kart, I haven't really played much of MK: Wii, so I wasn't too familiar with this song. This was a pretty difficult song to do, it's another one of those tunes with several things going on in the background that are hard to decipher, as well as being kinda hard to convert to a rock format.

There is actually one part of the original song that I left out unintentionally. I didn't realize till later that I had forgot about it, but to be fair that part kind of dragged on a bit too long for my taste anyways.

Overall I think this one came out alright. It wasn't a top 2010 song, but not a bad one either.

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