Punch-Out! (2014)
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!

Download (MP3)

Little Mac is going to be in SSB4! What better time to re-do my old Punch-Out! arrangement than now.

My previous version of this tune is one of my most popular old remixes (it's nearly a 2009 song, being from the Pre-ProTools days). The arrangement here is pretty much the same, so you can read the 2010 version's song page for a bit more info on that if you'd like.

This is mostly just a re-recording but I did make a few small changes. The very first part of the guitar solo is different, I felt the first part of the original was a bit too stale. Theres a very subtle change in the first part of the keyboard solo as well. I played the Bike Scene part an octave lower on lead, it sounded better to me when I was playing around.

I was already very satisfied with my original arrangement (but not so much the recording) so I didn't feel it was necessary to go changing a bunch or adding anything further, I feel this remake gets it sounding just as I had originally intended.

This one's for all the people planning to main Mac in the upcoming SSB!

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