Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!

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Here we start entering the weird gray area between the 2009 sound and the 2010 sound.

Although it wasn't the most popular when it was released, Punch-Out! has had a good bit of staying power throughout the years. I've seen this remix get used in a lot of videos, and I still get messages from people telling me how much they like it.

The main focus of this remix is on, of course, the fight theme, but 3 other songs from the game also appear in this cover. The intro is the music that plays when you are knocked down and trying to get back up, which I'm going to title Knocked Down and Trying to Get Back Up Theme. After the guitar and keyboard solo, we hit up the bike theme, which we're going to call Riding with Doc. The very last tune, the outro of this remix, is the little bit that plays when you lose, we'll call it Theme of Losing.

Overall, this is a good remix that just takes a hit in quality from being from my amateur days. If you can get past that, you should dig this one.

P.S. 80's Mike Tyson would totally wreck Mr. Dream's candyass in a boxing match.

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