Natural Killer Cyborg / Unfounded Revenge
Mother 3

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The Mother series returns to GaMetal with a dual remix of Natural Killer Cyborg and Unfounded Revenge!

I've had several people requesting Natural Killer Cyborg for the past few months, and for some odd reason when I released Mewtwo Battle I got a plethora of Unfounded Revenge requests. They're both pretty short (but sweet) songs, so I decided hey, why not do both?

Unfounded Revenge is definitely the more popular of the two, thanks to it's appearance in Smash Bros. The remix here is based more on the original version from Mother 3.

Natural Killer Cyborg is a really awesome song that plays when you fight.. Natural Killer Cyborg... in Mother 3. It sounds a lot like one of the riffs from Michael Jackson's Beat It. The guitar(s) in the original have a slightly off beat feel to it, so it might sound weird to some at first.

The lead line/solo, even though I arranged it to make it more realistic to play (it's definitely not note for note!), is one of the trickiest I had to do in a while.

I also threw some robot voices in the intro, because... you're fighting a Cyborg. Most genius idea EVAR.

I hope this satisfies your Mother/Earthbound sweet tooth for a while, to the next song!

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