NES Medley #1
Bionic Commando / Journey to Silius / Fire Emblem / Startropics / Bubble Bobble

Download (MP3)

Ah, the good old amateurly mixed, over compressed GaMetal days. I don't guarantee high quality at this point, so proceed at your own risk.

NES Medley #1 was the last song I recorded in 2009 and the last with this sound. It's interesting to me to hear the improvements from this song to the later year. 2010 maybe was by no means astounding, but you can track the improvement over time and it's really interesting.

This was the least popular of the 2009 songs, and I believe the song selection is blame (aside from Fire Emblem), but that's ok. I wanted to do a medley of some of my favorite songs from not-so-popular titles, and I got the chance to do it here.

One game from this medley which soundtrack I really dig is Journey to Silius. I will certainly be doing another JtS song sometime in the future, so if you're a fan of that soundtrack like I am, keep an ear out for it!

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