Monty on the Run
Monty on the Run

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  You probably don't know what Monty on the Run is, but don't feel bad, because most of us don't. You might have even heard this song before (I Wanna Be The Guy, and an old meme) but didn't know where it originated from.

Well now you do!

Monty on the Run is an old Commodore 64 game, with it's main theme composed by famous C64 musician Rob Hubbard. It's very long for a game song (the original is almost 6 minutes!) but because the game can be rather short you would only hear it a few times through so it didn't really get old.

I actually shortened this version a little bit, there are some segments of the song that repeat (around the last 2-3 minutes) that I took out, but unless you're an absolute diehard Monty on the Run purist then you wouldn't even notice.

The first time I heard this song was a few years ago when GaMetal was first starting out and someone suggested I listened to it. I've always been wanting to cover it since then and got the opportunity via my Patreon supporters (Matt MML in particular, thanks Matt!) requesting songs and this one got chosen by the randomizer.

It's a really awesome song and I hope you like it! Check out the original sometime, which is easily one of the best old school game songs, and maybe check out The Devil's Gallop by Charles Williams as well, which is the song that inspired Monty on the Run, the similarities are uncanny.

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