Mewtwo Battle
Pokemon Stadium

Download (MP3)

We're going Non-Gameboy Pokemon this time with Mewtwo Battle from Pokemon Stadium!

Once again, a song that I've been getting a lot of requests to do for a while. I held a poll on Patreon for my supporters to choose the next song out of a lineup of 4 highly requested songs and this won by 1 vote. (You'll get to hear the runner up next month!)

For a solid minute, this seems like a pretty simple but cool tune, then around the 1:10 mark everything just gets psychotic. The guitar line (the sax line in the original) is one of the hardest I had to do in a while, even if I did have to arrange it slightly to make it possible to play. On top of that you have a counter melody going on at the same time. It ends up sounding pretty awesome but it sure was a pain to learn! But definitely worth it.

I remember how awesome Pokemon Stadium was when it came out, it really took Pokemon to a whole 'nother level. I used to play the game for hours on end, so I was certainly no stranger to this song. Hope you love it!

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