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In the time span of about a month, I've had more requests to do this song than probably any other GaMetal request ever.

Megalovania is a song composed by Toby Fox that actually originates from an Earthbound rom hack made several years ago. The Undertale version sounds a lot different, with more up to date instrumentation and being in a totally different key (D instead of A).

The rhythm is actually pretty simple, it stays pretty much the same throughout the entire song aside from changing notes, so it left a lot of room to play around with. I also added a few extra parts: a short interlude before the first verse and an additional piece after the solo section.

If you haven't played Undertale yet, you probably should. Especially if you're a fan of RPG games from the SNES era. I'm about halfway through it myself and so far have been enjoying every bit of it. Be sure to pick it up if you get a chance! Plus, it's only $10.

More Undertale in the future? Definitely! The response to this song so far has been overwhelmingly positive. We'll be coming back someday!

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