Final Boss
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure

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   Every year, I've been wanting to do a song from a completely absurd game for April Fools day. Well this year I was determined, and it finally happened.

This song was requested by Youtuber Bob Stayoffthegrass a while ago, and just the fact it was from McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure was enough to both make me lol and check it out, and to my surprise it really did kick ass. It's one of the most intense Genesis boss themes I've ever heard, and like some songs (Count Cannoli, for instance), if I didn't do it, no one would.

Even though this is a McDonalds game, it was actually a pretty decent platformer (licensed games didn't always mean certain doom back in that era), and the music is really good all around. This song has also led me to discover the Dynamite Headdy soundtrack, a game also made by the Treasure company, which has some of the best Genesis song  compositions I've heard. If you like Genesis music, and you haven't heard the Dynamite Headdy OST, check it out when you get a chance. It's very, very underappreciated.

I miss when the toys in Happy Meals were actually cool and not cheap pieces of crap like they are now... :/

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