Battle With Magus
Chrono Trigger

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Battle With Magus is another song from old 2010 that I still like a lot.

This is an important song to me because it's the first full song I made in Pro Tools. Before this, I was recording in Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition). The change in sound quality started here.

When I needed a sacrificial test song for the new 2013 sound, it was a toss up between this song, Don't Be Afraid and Hyrule Temple. Don't Be Afraid won the honor in the end, it was, simply put, easier to play and more popular than this remix.

Even though it wasn't very popular, Battle With Magus was still liked by fans, and as I said earlier, it's one of my favorite classic GaMetal songs. I still play it on guitar from time to time. Also, being the first song I ever made on Pro Tools, I consider it an important piece of my recording history, thus it appears in the Blast from the Past medley as song #7.

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