The Legend of Mario
Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Luigi's Mansion

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   Enter 2015!

Remember this one? If you’ve been hanging around for a while, surely you do. The Legend of Mario is one of the most popular old GaMetal songs, and definitely the most popular in the 2010 era.

I’ve always felt this was a great idea but that I didn’t execute on it well enough. I’d been wanting to remake this since 2013, and now it has finally come to light.

This version is completely revamped, it’s practically a whole new arrangement. The first major change is the inclusion of the SMB Overworld theme in it’s entirety.

In the first version, my aim was to fit the Zelda theme to a SMB Overworld styled rhythm. It sounded a little odd, and aside from that a lot of people said the song was too top-heavy in the Zelda department. The inclusion of all of the SMB main theme distributes the time spent in both worlds much more evenly.

A lot of rhythm changes in this version. I did away with the ‘SMB theme styled rhythm’ and went with a more upbeat, almost punk-ish rhythm. Sometimes I forget I’m supposed to be metal.

My favorite part from the old Legend of Mario was the combo SMB Underground/Zelda 1 Dungeon piece. This is probably the part I changed least, the most major change is the addition of the sixteenth notes from the Zelda dungeon.

The drum line in the full Zelda Dungeon section is also changed, instead of going full blast beats like before, I went with another fast paced black metal style drum line and saved the blast beats for just the small section with the diminished seven stuff.

The Luigi’s Mansion piece is greatly enhanced. Before it was only music box, this time I made it sound more 'Luigi’s Mansiony’ (we’re creating all sorts of adjectives today) by adding those deep string notes and that creepy synth tucked away in the background.

The solo in the old version sucked (let’s keep it real) so I made up a completely new one, only keeping the last section from the old version, which is an homage to the Link’s Awakening DX version of the Zelda 1 Dungeon them (kudos to you if you caught this without me telling you! I love that version.)

The SMB Underground is actually shortened in this version, the old one had a keyboard solo. It also sucked (STILL keeping it real). I actually had a shortened version in it at first, but I ended up removing it completely because it sounded out of place.

The One-Up/Discovery piece is now a bass/guitar and keys/guitar tradeoff, only shifting keys once each this time rather than the four I did before. It sounds less amateurish.

The psuedo-outro with the horns is also shortened slightly. It’s hardly noticeable.

The last section is the SMB Death theme played as if it were a warp song from Ocarina of Time. The only change here is I left out a final harp note that was in the original.

And that concludes the first page in the book of GaMetal 2015. Stay tuned because there’s a whole lot more in store!

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