Koopa's Road [Fire Sea Remix]
Super Mario 64

Download (MP3)

  Koopa's Road is back in an all new 2015 form.

I've always felt the old 2010 version I made of Koopa's Road still stands a fighting chance on it's own, it's one of the better 2010 songs. I've been referring to it as the 'Dark World Remix' because I planned on doing a 2nd, and eventually 3rd version of Koopa's Road to reflect the other 2 Bowser levels in SM64: the Fire Sea and the Sky.

The Dark World version is slower, darker, gloomier. I wanted this version to be a bit more upbeat, and actiony. I also made this one longer with the addition of a solo section and a bridge that plays on the Koopa Battle theme (which I also plan on covering at some point).

So far this has been one of the most popular May Madness songs. I didn't expect that. Enjoy!

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