Koopa's Road [Dark World Remix]
Super Mario 64

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A pretty good one here. Koopa's Road was a fairly popular 2010 GaMetal song, maybe not in the top 3, but somewhere in the top 5. This remix had a lot of staying power; I still get asked about it from the time to time. It makes an appearance in the Blast from the Past medley as song #11.

I really like this theme. Koopa's Road is one of those VG tunes that throws a curveball at you; much like Zero-Two in the Kirby universe, it's very dark and gloomy for a Mario song.

This was the first GaMetal song with a slow/soft vibe to it. It came about when I was fiddling around with my keyboard and started playing the main line with the same synth tone you hear in the beginning.

Fun fact: I did this song, in it's entirety, in about 3 hours. This is the shortest amount of time I've spent on a GaMetal song. To compare, I currently spend about a week to a week and half on songs in 2013, and back in the 2010 days It was about 3-5 days.

Solid remix that I still listen to here and there.

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