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La Mulana

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You probably don't know what La Mulana is, but don't feel bad, because I didn't either! La Mulana is a 'Metroidvania' style game that originated on the PC. It was semi-recently remade for Wiiware and PC via Steam. It gets very high reviews, so if you like Metroid/Castlevania style games, give it a look (I've had a few people message me already telling me they'd never heard of the game till now, and that they got it and loved it.)

So there's been a sort of thing going on in my Youtube comments where a viewer named gigaganon has been requesting a La Mulana song (mostly this one) almost everytime a video is posted. The kicker was, his posts would usually get backed by a lot of people supporting the request. So, as with songs like Count Canolli, I decided: If I didn't do it, no one will.

There isn't much arranged here, this version mostly plays off the Wiiware version (although the original PC version doesn't differ much in arrangement, mostly being more of a chiptune version). The hardest thing to figure out was the keyboard solo. It's definitely not 100% identical but I didn't really try to be, it's pretty hard to understand what's going on in the official versions.

You may notice the sound here is a bit different from recent songs. There's a few reasons for that. I'm now using Amplitube on my Guitar and Bass rather than Softube Metal Amp Room. It was mostly experimental at first, but I feel I'll be sticking with it for now. Secondly, I'm doing my mastering a bit different and toning the loudness down some, in response to the loudness war (look it up). The goal is to make things sound a bit cleaner/clearer.

That aside, this is a really great song from a really great game, check it out sometime!

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