Hyrule Temple (2013)
Zelda II: Adventure of Link

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If you took Zelda II, Symphony X, Yngwie Malmsteem, The Black Mages, and Jonny Atma and mixed all of them in a boiling pot, you'd end up with a pretty terrifying brew of blood, bones, and music instruments. I doubt it would taste good.

But if you did it in a metaphorical sense, and made it into a song, that would be what I was going for when I originally recorded Hyrule Temple back in 2010.

Unfortunately back in 2010 I wasn't so good at recording yet, so the sound quality of that version is horrendous to me. I've been wanting to redo this song like, every month, but I wasn't able to find the right opportunity till now (busy month for me, song quality is now pretty good, etc).

Hyrule Temple is one of my favorite Zelda songs, hopefully you dig this remake as much as I do!

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