Hyrule Temple
Zelda II

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I really, really love this arrangement. The sound quality itself here is pretty bad though.

This is a pretty key song in GaMetal history. This is when I decided 'ok, I'm going to stop dicking around now', and actually put forth effort in how the songs were structured. I'm a fan of Nubuo Uematsu's band The Black Mages, and I'm really big on how they arrange their covers. They transform the FF VG song format into an actual song format with a chorus/bridge/etc. I'm not very good at explaining it, but you probably get what I'm saying.

I decided to start following this type of format from this song onward, and still do. I get compared to the Black Mages sometimes and it doesn't bother me cause, well, GaMetal song structure is heavily based on what they do. I've even seen people mistake some FF GaMetal songs as Black Mages songs! (They must have bad speakers!)

I changed my drum sounds here to a kit that was a lot less 'super loud harsh metal' into something a little more prog metal sounding. I also changed my guitar setting on my GNX3, but it sounds like crap. You can say it, it's ok. I eventually tweaked it to sound passable in the next song (Don't Be Afraid), but man does it suck here.

If you've read the GaMetal bio, you'll know I have some past relations with this song, and since it's also the first major change in GaMetal sound, it appears in the Blast from the Past medley as song #5.

I am DEFINITELY going to redo this song at some point. (Did it). The arrangement I have here is just too good not to bring back, and I really can't stand the quality. I'll have more nice things to say about it then.

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