Hyrule Field
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Ah, my first attempt at an Ocarina of Time song.

Hyrule Field is a very unique piece of music. You see, there are several different parts to it, and the time of day in-game, your location on the map, or even how much health you have can change which part will come up next. The neat part is all the parts were made to flow into each other perfectly, so you could arrange Hyrule Field almost however you want and it'd sound 'right'. Unless you do something like put one of the 'dire' sounding bits when you're low on health right after one of the 'the sun is falling and nighttime is coming' parts. Then you're just being silly.

This remix follows the order laid out in the Super Smash Bros Brawl arrangement, so yeah, can't take credit for that one.

This song would show up again as a multiple-time transitional piece in the Ocarina of Time remix, exploiting the fact that there are several pieces to the song.

This song wasn't the most popular of the 2010 era, it was probably in the middle somewhere. It's an ok one to me.

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