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This version of Grabbag is a remake of my old 2009 version. I made this new version for a tab video I had made.

One reason I like doing remakes is that I'm able to compare what my current sound is to what my past sound is, and see what areas I've improved in over time, and what still needs work. If you compare the 2, you can easily hear the over-compression from the 2009 era Grabbag compared to a much better (not fantastic, but better) mix here.

A lot of people were asking if I could tab GaMetal songs and this one was asked the most often, so I made a tab video for it. Since revitalizing the new channel I haven't gotten around to reuploading that video yet, and will probably end up making a new one in the future.

This GaMetal song has some history to it, being the first official song I remade, and a fairly popular song in 2009, so it earned a spot as song number #4 in the Blast from the Past medley.

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