Gourmet Race (2014)
Kirby Superstar

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   I took a trip back 5 years and revisited one of my first game covers, the almighty Gourmet Race.

The old GaMetal version of this song was a lot simpler compared to this new and improved version, and it also sounded pretty bad... you know, the whole compression thing. Despite it being bad, it was one of my most popular 2009 songs alongside Pokemon RBY Trainer Battle.

Since my return last year, I've been redoing some songs I did before, and pretty much every time I do, I get a few people asking me to redo Gourmet Race. It's been 3 songs since my last remake, and I had Gourmet Race stuck in my head one day, so I decided it was time.

I kept a lot of the rhythm, mainly in the beginning minute or so, similar to my old remix. I did some different stuff with the lead (like the fast thing around 00:30) to make it sound more exciting. The first major change comes at about the 1 minute mark, where we have a quick synth breakdown. This was inspired a lot by the Brawl version.

The next major change is a guitar solo! I didn't have one in my old version, a lot of my old songs didn't have solos period. Fun Fact: when I first started GaMetal I had intended for my songs to be easy to loop. That's why some of the older songs are kind of short. That changed in 2010, but I'm sure you already know because you are an awesome person and already read all my song articles. Right??

Right! So, more exciting lead, more keys, solo, and the last major change was a quick original outro and a SECOND outro (super outro?) that sounds similar to the intro.

I'll have to agree with what a lot of fans have been telling me: I think this version destroys the old one!

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