Galacta Knight
Kirby Super Star Ultra

Download (MP3)

  I kept saying I was going to redo it, and I finally did. Galacta Knight Battle has returned!

When I recorded this song back in 2010, I actually had a lot of trouble with it because I wasn't that good at drums yet, and the crazy part (for lack of a better term) around 00:46-00:52 really confused me. This time around was much easier, and I even discovered that I was missing a note during the crazy part!

I had said before the next Kirby song was probably going to be Dark Meta Knight, but with the large amount of requests I've been getting for Galacta, and the May Madness idea, I decided this was the best candidate for now. I was able to do it pretty quickly since it's pretty short (about 2 minutes). I considered extended it but decided it was fine the length it was, no need to fix what isn't broken.

I always love doing Kirby songs, they're some of my favorites. Expect more in the future!

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