Galacta Knight
Kirby Superstar Ultra

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Another request fulfillment from back when I didn't get very many requests, Galacta Knight Battle was a pain to record during this time.

The original theme is very intense and fast, so I saw this as a challenge to tackle. It wasn't the guitar that was challenging.. or the keys.. it was the drums.

At this point in time my drum experience level wasn't very high. I had only been drumming for about 2 years, and never really practiced hard at it, just kind of played around with it. So the double bass in this song was too fast for me. Nowadays I can play it no problem, but back then it took me like a hundred takes to do it right.

Then I go and F it up and drag on the rhythm guitar in that one part! Gah!

To make things even more difficult is that little part at around 00:48, the part towards the end before the song repeats that sounds like the tempo is speeding up. Let me tell you something crazy..

...the tempo doesn't speed up at all. The notes just get shorter and the time signature goes from two 3/4 measures to two 2/4, back to one 3/4 and ends with a 4/4 measure with oddly timed notes. To put things simply, the notes and time signature just go nuts. Seriously, tap your foot to the tempo and you'll see that the tempo itself doesn't change.

It hurts my head thinking about it now, but back then it was too much for me. I developed a serious addiction to alcohol because of that part of the song and still go to AAA meetings because of it.

Nah, not really. But seriously that damn part gave me nightmares.. my drumming skill was maybe only a D+ at the time.. but eventually I figured it out and got it. After like 1000 takes.

Drumming aside, the little organ lead thing in the 'chorus' was hard to decipher in the original song, so I did it the best I could here. The guitar solo is pretty interesting, and we get to hear some rare Jonny Atma fast sweeps, which as you know I only reserve for special occasions.

I like the old school, thrashy speed metal feel of this song. I might remake this one someday when I get some spare time. It won't be as hard for me now, and it's really short so it wouldn't take long to do, probably 2 days, 3 max.

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