Those Who Fight
Final Fantasy VII

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It's time for unpopular opinions, with your friend Jonny Atma. I think this is one of the best 2010 GaMetal songs, in fact, I'd put it somewhere in the top 5.

If you like my new guitar tone in 2013, you can thank this song. It was when I was listening to this very remix that I decided to switch from Guitar Rig 4 back to Softube Metal Amp Room, which is the amp sim I used to make this song and the rest of the 2010 songs.

This cover came about when I was just doing some free jamming and started playing the main riff heard in the rhythm here. I thought it sounded pretty badass so I decided to do the whole song.

There isn't a whole lot of arrangement song structure wise, it's mostly all in the instruments. This one has a little bit of all my typical stuff: guitar, bass, drums, organ, strings, piano, and acoustic guitar.

I feel this was a solid remix, for the time, that got overlooked for the obvious reason: it's a Final Fantasy VII song, and there are FFVII remixes everywhere. I only strayed a little bit from the norm when I did this one and not One Winged Angel or Still More Fighting, great songs but.. there are already 1,000,000 versions. There's probably only 100,000 Those Who Fight's.

Not to mention I was still very unknown.

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