Flying Battery Zone
Sonic & Knuckles

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The old Sonic games have amazing soundtracks, and Flying Battery Zone is one of those amazing songs.

This was requested a couple of times and I like this song so much that I decided to give it the GaMetal treatment.

I started the song off with a fast little lead bit; every Sonic song must have speed, because Sonic. From here we go through Act 1, straight into Act 2 which hits that good old fashioned GaMetal orchestral interlude towards the end. After the orchestral interlude we have a bass solo! I distorted it because that bass was, well, crappy, and it didn't sound very good standing alone, and the distortion gave it a pretty cool sound.

After the bass solo comes the guitar solo. I kept this one pretty simple. A dance/techno interlude follows. I'm not sure why I did this. Maybe someone had slipped me some ecstasy or something. The dance/techno interlude builds into a fast paced ending piece of the act, then we go back into Act 1 to finish the song.

This song was good, but I really wished I had mixed it better. The mix on this one is pretty rough, sounding good on some speakers and like crap on others. Hopefully you have the good kind.

And yes, I did sneak a small Ozzy tribute in this one. If you haven't already, let's see (hear?) if you can spot it.

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