Flying Battery Zone
Sonic & Knuckles

Download (MP3)

  Flying Battery Zone was the 2011 opener in the old GaMetal days. It's one of my favorite Sonic songs, but I feel like I screwed up the recording quality on the old version pretty bad. I've been wanting to redo it for a while, and what better time than GaMetal May Madness to bring it back?

I kept most of the zany song structure the same, cutting only the short guitar solo I had at the very beginning of the old version. The orchestra break, bass solo (now a much cooler slap bass solo), No More Tears, and what was formerly the techno break (that everyone hated) are all still present.

The biggest change I made is letting the synths take over more parts during Act 1. It sounded a lot better than what I did before, I think.

Classic Sonic songs may be a bit overremixed these days, but they're still some of my favorites and I still love doing them. The next one I have planned should be pretty awesome...

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