Emerald Hill Zone
Sonic 2

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Emerald Hill Zone was made as a sequel to the Green Hill Zone remix, after the video for GHZ on Youtube hit 1,000 views.

It was here I resolved the 'drum lag issue' that I mentioned on the Green Hill Zone page. So any drumming that is off after that, was just me being not-so-great at drums at the time!

I like the guitar solo in this one, it's pretty neat for an old GaMetal tune. Here we also find the first instance of a bass solo in a GaMetal song, even though it's just playing the main part. It's also the first time I used a soft orchestral sounding interlude in a song.

This remix wasn't as popular as the Green Hill Zone cover, but I think I like it more, mostly due to the fact the drum lag problem isn't present. The first half was kinda meh but about halfway through, when the orchestra part comes in, it get's pretty good. Solid 7 old 2010 song. I'd hit it.

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