Dark Star Core
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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I get a lot of requests. A LOT of requests. Occasionally there will be a song that gets requested so often, that it must be done. Dark Star Core aka In The Final is one of those songs.

I thought the song was great when I first heard it. I later found out Yoko Shimomura, the woman who composed the music for Super Mario RPG (an all time fav), also composes the music for the M&L series. She really has a unique way of approaching final battle themes and making them sound, dare I say it, epic.

I had some previous attempts at doing this song that I didn't like. I tried to emulate the drum line a bit too much, and it sounded weird. So I sped up the tempo slightly and went for more of a driving feel.

There is a lot of different things going on musically in the background. The main string line, the staccato string line, some choir and synth here and there. The trickiest to figure out was the saw arpeggio line. It starts out as triplets, then goes into a triplet/sixtuplet/triplet thing. It took me a while to figure it out.

In the end, or should I say, In The Final, I believe this came out to be one of my best songs. I hope you feel the same!

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