Dragon Roost Island
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

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This was, unfortunately, the 2nd and last song for 2012 before I had some legal disputes over my former stage name.

LoZ: WW has a beautiful soundtrack and Dragon Roost Island is a fan favorite. This song was ruling the old Youtube suggestion box at the time I got around to doing it.

This song was kind of difficult to arrange into a metal composition, transforming an island song that uses mainly ukuleles and a flute into a heavy metal piece is no simple task, but as I always say, GaMetal refuses to back down from a challenge.

I decided to ease in with an acoustic intro, a much closer sound to the original island style. Then I got a little zany after the electric guitars kick in and did a couple of measures in 11/4. The rest of the song except for that segment (which shows up again later) is in 3/4.

No original solo in this one. Just some harmonizing the second time the main part comes around, and a bit of wah pedal towards the end.

A cool little GaMetal piece overall. Enjoy!

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