Dark Pit
Kid Icarus: Uprising

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  I always thought my first Kid Icarus song would be Underworld or maybe the Title theme, but Dark Pit won the honor due to the large amount of requests I've been getting for it.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of (if not) the best game revivals to come out recently, and I'd highly suggest you give it shot if you get a chance. It's a solid 9/10 in my opinion, the only thing keeping it from being a 10 is the controls are hard to get used to at first, but once you do (just takes a couple of days), it's an amazing game.

Dark Pit is a bit of a stereotypical character, being the dark, edgy opposite of Pit (who is completely not dark and edgy). His main theme threw us a curveball, however, as instead of being some sort of rock/metal tune, it ended up being an acoustic latin style piece, which in itself is a great theme. Well, now we've completed Dark Pit's badassery and gave him a metal version of his theme!

The song already has several different sections, so I didn't see any need to add any original bits aside from the guitar solo. I also threw in an acoustic break at the end of the solo to pay homage to the original.

Song aside, I'm also undergoing another sound change! You might have noticed Dark Pit sounds a bit different from recent songs. Once a year or so I retweek my sound, trying to get it as good as I can. This time around I've put a ton of focus on my mixing and mastering, trying as hard as always to get as much of an amazing mix as I can.

Till next time!

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