Dancing Mad
Final Fantasy VI

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It's GaMetal song #75! I decided to finally do my favorite song from my favorite VG soundtrack: Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI.

I've been holding off on doing any FF6 songs in the span of my GaMetal career because, being my favorite, I didn't want to screw it up. It wasn't until recently I felt I could do it any justice.

Dancing Mad was actually slated to be the 2013 finale, but because of time constraints it ended up being Hyrule Temple. I was thinking of making it the 2014 finale, when I realized song #75 was up next, and felt this would be the perfect song to do it with.

This was also going to be the first time I sang in a GaMetal song, but the Sonic Fan Medley took that honor. The lyrics in Part 1 are based on the English translation of the Latin lyrics in the Distant Worlds version.

Part 4 is the hardest part of the song, and rightfully so being at the end. The drum line is weird but I had to keep it close to the original because to me it's iconic, same with the bass line. You know I love old RPG bass lines and the one in Dancing Mad part 4 is one of the best.

That's all for now, time to do 75 more songs!

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