Goldeneye 007

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Cradle, from the Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007, has been requested numerous times for quite a while. I can even remember it having a decent rank on the old Youtube suggestion box a couple of years ago.

This is one of my favorite VG tunes from the N64. I've been meaning to do it for quite a while, in fact I intended for it to be an early 2012 song, but it's just now coming to fruition.

Difficulty-wise, this song in it's original form is extremely easy to play, but here lies proof that a song doesn't have to be mind-bendingly difficulty to sound awesome. It makes you want to go and kick some ass, quickly.

The arrangement was also fairly easy since the original has plenty of different pieces, as well as having the alternate version, which according to my files is Cradle X, to go along with it. Cradle X plays when you are almost done with the level and Trevelyan is about to get away, it's pretty much just a slightly sped-up re-arranged version of the original.

The only thing I had to think on was what to put in the middle to connect the 2 pieces together. One scrapped plan was a slowed down jazzy rock bit that played heavily on the original Goldeneye theme, but it never sounded right in my head. The most fitting thing I could hear in my head was a Guitar-Keyboard lead dual, and I think it worked out really well.

Interesting to note is that this is the first GaMetal song in 2013 to have original synth soloing. One of the major things I wanted to retool in 2013 was my lead synth sounds and technique. Keyboard shred has never been a strong point for me so I've been holding back on it a lot recently, as well as wanting to have the guitar lead more in songs. With the keys solo here I took a much more modest approach than I used to in previous years. I think it worked at well and will continue to peck at it here and there.

Cool song! Always wanted to do this one and Dam, maybe I'll do that one sometime later..

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