Cossack Citadel
Mega Man IV

Download (MP3)

Song #2 for GaMetal May Madness features the return of my first Mega Man cover: Cossack Citadel.

Unlike the new Battle With Magus, I changed quite a bit with this one. I raised most of the lead in Cossack 1 up an octave, extended it to 2 run throughs instead of 1 (with synths handling most of the 2nd run through), and changed the drum line.

Cossack 2 doesn't have as much changed, the main changes being the intro is done on strings, and some slight changes in the leads and solo section.

When I first did this song back in 2010, I wasn't familiar with it, but now I've grown a bond with it and it's one of my favorite Mega Man songs. Enjoy!

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