Champion Battle
Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow

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Changing times in the GaMetal world! I finally created a drum kit on my TD-12 that I was satisfied with when I made this song, and I would go on to use said drum sound up until 2013. It's funny how much drums can change the overall sound of things.

Champion Battle is the 3rd Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow song I've done, and nearly completes the entire set of battle themes (only Wild Pokemon Battle is missing). I personally like Gym Leader Battle a little bit more, but Champion Battle is still pretty kick-ass.

The intro in this remix is Indigo Plateau, the music that plays at the Pokemon league. Champion Battle kicks in after about 30 seconds.

The aspect of this remix I was most happy with was the arrangement, there are lots of different parts to this song so that makes it much easier to work with arrangement-wise. It was easy to turn it into a full length song, so to speak.

Fitting BGM for Gary Oak, I would say. Had a lot of fun doing this one.

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