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Pokemon Series

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It's been a while since I did a Pokemon song (Deoxys), so I felt it best to come back in style with a Battle Medley, but not just any Battle Medley (which is what I originally planned), but a CHAMPION Battle Medley! This took a while to complete because the Champion themes are a bit more complicated than the normal battle themes, especially in later generations (Iris's Theme being the most complex), so I had a lot of learning to do.

All current Pokemon Champions, from Blue to Diantha, are featured in this medley:

1. Blue - This is my favorite of the Champion themes (FireRed version being my personal favorite), probably a bit biased since I'm a bit GENWUNNER, and you might know I already did this song back in 2012. I made a lot of small changes that makes this new version sound a lot cooler. This song was a breeze since I was already super familiar with it.

2. Lance/Red - I think I ranked this #4 on my Champion Battle Rankings. It's a very solid Champion battle tune, and I think the original version did it the most justice, so my remix here draws a lot of inspiration from the original.

3. Steven - I listed Steven at #6, but I still like the song. The thing that bothered me the most about it was how the first half sounds like a normal battle theme. Halfway through the intensity really starts ramping up though and it gets pretty awesome. Out of the official versions, I like the latest Omega/Alpha versions the best. They sound a little less normal battle theme-ish.

4. Cynthia - A lot of peoples favorite, I thought the version in SSB4 with the Piano and strings was pretty neat.

5. Alder - I've been trying really, really, REALLY hard to like this theme, but... it's not an easy task. I think I appreciate it a little more than when I first heard it, but still... and I understand the whole 'it fits the character' thing, but.. you know. Sorry. It's ok I guess.

6. Iris - You either love this theme or hate it, and I understand. When I first heard it, I was like.. what the hell is this? Then, throughout the process of learning the song and playing it, I started to like it, a lot. Now it's one of my favorite Champion themes. It's both pretty and intense at the same time. There's a hell of a lot of different things going on at once too. Awesome!

7. Diantha - This is my second favorite Champ theme. It doesn't sound much like a Pokemon battle song, to me it has a hint of a Final Fantasy feel to it, and we all know how I feel about FF music.

No matter what your favorite Champion theme is, I hope you like the version(s) I give to you in this medley. Enjoy!

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