Bloody Tears
Castlevania II: Simons Quest

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Castlevania songs are oddly absent from the GaMetal catalog, so I felt there would be no better time to release this one on Halloween night, a horrible night to have a curse.

You might think I have some sort of personal vendetta against Castlevania songs or something, since I took so long to do one, but the opposite is true. I've always loved the Castlevania soundtrack. Years ago, I did some synth-only stuff (nothing good, you don't want to hear it, trust me), and 2 of the songs I did were 'Vampire Killer' and the level 2 theme from Castlevania 1 (I don't know the name of it. Stalker?).

Lately, with the resurgance of GaMetal's popularity, a lot of people have been asking me about doing some Castlevania. Bloody Tears is by far the most requested of the Castlevania songs, so choosing which CV song to do first was pretty easy.

The organ intro here can be found in some of the official versions of Bloody Tears (the Dracula X version, and a couple others) as an interlude in the 'middle' of the song. I felt it'd make a pretty good intro rather than an interlude. The main section of the song borrows several different influences from the different versions of Bloody Tears, as well as some slight, slight influence from other Castlevania tunes.

I made some slight changes to the drum set for this song. I changed the snare drum and the china cymbal (which is mostly absent from recent GaMetal songs). Also on the keys, I used some Bell-sounding pads that I hear used in a lot of Goth genre stuff, which I think fits the Castlevania mood really well.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this one. Bloody Tears isn't my favorite Castlevania song (my favorite is probably Beginning), but it's definitely up there amongst the top.

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