Bowser's Rage / King of the Koopas
Paper Mario

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King of the Koopas was a highly requested song from the Paper Mario series. Bowser's Rage makes up the first half of this remix, and Wish of the Princess is also featured as an interlude between the two.

King of the Koopas is another song that I had made a previous attempt at, but had abondoned before finishing. The song was getting requested more and more and was garnering a lot of the upvotes in the suggestion box so I decided to finally do it.

While recording the final battle for the video, I realized that Bowsers Rage kicked a whole lot of ass. In fact, I like Bowsers Rage more than I do King of the Koopas. I was already hearing in my head what a metal version would sound like, and decided that I had to do it.

Wish of the Princess is the music that plays when Peach starts wishing for star spirit power. I noticed that song was pretty neat too, and decided to throw it in the mix as well to complete the whole Final Battle set. This song marks the last time I recorded acoustic guitar with my Ovation Celebrity, which decided to warp it's neck all the way up to the clouds for some reason and become unplayable.

Bowsers Rage is one of those VG songs that has a bunch of stuff going on in the background that is hard to decipher. In fact, I had to do a whole lot of guess work on some of the light background synth and choir lines. King of the Koopas is a lot more straight forward and most of the lines can be heard pretty clearly, so that song wasn't that hard to learn.

Nintendo hardly ever goes wrong with Bowser battle music and these songs are no exception. It also goes along greatly to Twink beating down Kammy Koopa.

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