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Brinstar was another song with high upvotes on the old Youtube suggestion box. I normally stray away from doing songs like this because commonly remixed songs aren't my thing, but I still do some occasionally.

When I do common songs, I like to change them up a bit so it's not just another remix. With Brinstar I bumped the tempo up and gave it a more lively energetic feel.

I opened up the song with a remake of the Title Screen music, a theme I believe people overlook too often. The opening guitar sound has ring modulation on it to make it sound like a space station alarm.

The item obtaining music comes in the middle. I can't take credit for this, I got the idea from one of the Smash Bros versions. It just fit in too well.

After the 2nd time we go through the item theme (after the lead guitar/keyboard dual), I went back into Brinstar with the traditional gallopy feel of the original version, a neat touch to pay further tribute to the original.

The song ends with a revisit to the title screen theme.

I had a lot more fun doing this song than I expected. It came out pretty good, hopefully you think so too.

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