Bionic Commando
Bionic Commando

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   Bionic Commando is a game that I must have played 8 million times when I was a kid. The mere thought of it makes me think of Captain Crunch and Eggo waffles. Despite the 8 million play throughs, I can't recall if I ever actually beat the game. I remember it being quite hard. It's still a really fun and intuitive platformer nonetheless.

The main theme to this song is a piece of one of my first GaMetal songs from way back in 2009, NES Medley #1. It's one of my personal favorite NES songs and should be iconic to anyone who grew up around that time.

The music to Bionic Commando had a very war/military feel to it, so I tried to capture that right off the bat with the brass and snare rolls in the intro, Prologue I. After Prologue I we head straight into the main theme ('Enemy Bases'), followed by Processing Plants and then into the main theme again for a short guitar solo. I wanted to include the main theme a lot (it appears a total of 3 times) since it's easily the most recognizable Bionic Commando song. After the 2nd coming of the main theme, we head into Albatross towers, which has soft acoustic/orchestra intro. Finally we end up at the Overhead Battle theme and close it out with the main theme once more.

One of the main purposes of doing this medley was at the request of Newgrounds user Guidodinho, who recently made me a fantastic Youtube trailer. I also get a few requests for Bionic Commando occasionally so surely this will make those people happy as well. Till next time!


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