Big Mute Blue City

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  For most of my GaMetal career, I've steered clear from doing a Mute City cover (opting for Big Blue instead, back in 2012) because it's an over-remixed song. That's not to say that it's a bad song, cause it's awesome, but it's been awesomed to death.

I didn't get a whole lot of requests for it until the past few months, presumably because of SSB4. So, due to the high demand, I decided to take look into it and consider ways to make it stand out from the other 100+ Mute City remakes, when I got the idea to do a dual remix with Big Blue and call it Big Mute Blue City.

I went through about 3 different song structure arrangements before ending up with the one you hear now, which I like a ton. The first 2 were pretty crappy even to the point where I considered just throwing out Big Blue and doing Mute City by itself, but quitting is for losers!

To combine the 2 songs, some consolidations had to be made... it was tricky to find a good tempo, because Big Blue is a lot faster than Mute City, so Mute City had to be sped up some and Big Blue slowed down some to find a happy medium, which ended up being 205 bpm. It's probably more noticeable during Big Blue, but it gives it a cool rock steady groove. Also, Mute City was brought down a half step from it's original key, and Big Blue a half step up. Moving only one of them up/down a whole step sounded too weird for me to do.

Mute City is a good bit shorter than Big Blue, so I tried my song sandwich technique (trademark pending) to give Mute some more air time. The song starts out with Mute, the drum solo transitions into Big Blue, after that it goes back into Mute with the keyboard solo from the SSB4 remix, back into the intro of Big Blue for the end of the guitar solo and a small instrumental break, ending with Mute City with a small Big Blue outro.

I know all you F-Zero fans are waiting for that next F-Zero game to come out, and I feel for you. Hopefully this small bit of candy will help for a little bit. Personally I'm waiting for that Captain Falcon game we're all dreaming of.. we need to see that pistol in action!


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